2017. I NEED:

2017 is calling. What do you need? Forget about resolutions. Let's get down to the bare bones of it. What do you need to feel whole again, to live in peace and congruency with your true nature? Take some time before the new year to make a list. It doesn't matter if it is short or long, just meditate on what you NEED in 2017. What will it take to recharge your life? Some possibilities may include:

  • More sleep
  • Exercise
  • More private time
  • Improved diet
  • More time with friends
  • Reconnecting with a hobby you left behind when you lost yourself
  • A new hobby
  • Stop putting other people first. No, it is not selfish unless you have an infant/toddler, disabled family member, or elderly parent who is dependant upon you
  • More time in nature
A necessity is different than a resolution. Whatever is on your list, put it into practice because you NEED it! Make it happen. Stop suffering and wishing life was different. You and only you are responsible for your reality. Be disciplined in your role as the creator of your life. I made my list today. What will be on yours? 2017 awaits. Woot!

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