The new year is just around the corner. How has your year been? I will bet that your year has seen its share of ups and downs. Some things that life throws at us are out of our control. Let go of what you cannot control. Much of our life experience, however, is within our control, yet we forfeit the responsibility and care; it is easier to mindlessly go with the daily flow. Before we know it another year has passed and we may be wondering if we should have taken advantage of opportunities for improvement. Taking charge of our health and wellness, for example, is often not a priority until it is too late. If we count forward from today, in forty days it will be 2017. Forty days can be a significant marker for change. If we start a new regime and have stuck with it for forty days, we may be on track for a permanent outcome, a new, conditioned habit. I suggest that we take advantage of the next forty days ahead to build stepping stones towards who we dream to be in 2017 and beyond.

Start small. What can you focus on and change, starting today, that will benefit you in the future? We all have some awareness of what we could do to make our lives better if we would only just start and stick with it. Can you improve your health by getting out for a twenty minute walk each day? How about giving up one food you crave the most? By the way, the foods we crave the most are often causing us health challenges. Ironic, but true. Could you improve the quality of your sleep by turning off all tech devices at least an hour before bed? That includes the tv and your phone. Can you try to drop some of the negative self-talk? Remember, thoughts become words that may manifest as reality. Be kind to yourself. Can you decide to consistently drink more water? Can you switch something up in your love life to freshen up the romance? How about making an effort to do one thing each day to enhance the bond? A little shoulder rub, a surprise kiss on the cheek, breakfast in bed? We all feel that there is a shortage of time, but if you make an effort to focus on what is really important, you will find the time to make a small beneficial change that will help reap rewards in the new year. Don’t let the rat race win. You are in the driver’s seat. Make the next forty days count!

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