Chakra Chat

Within the body there are seven energy centers. Each of these centers, or chakras, symbolize a spiritual lesson or life challenge to be mastered in order to evolve into higher levels of consciousness. The chakras start at the base of the spine, at the root, the first chakra, and vertically ascend to the crown at the seventh chakra. The chakras transform the subtle energy that is all around us. The root chakra brings in the lower energy frequencies we need for survival, and each higher chakra brings in higher energies such as sexuality, self-esteem, forgiveness, willpower, intuition, etc. The highest chakra, the 7th, or crown chakra brings in spiritual energy. Mind, body and spirit are connected. Ideally, the energies of psyche and spirit should be operating in balance to maintain health, with the subtle energy flowing freely through each chakra. Negative feelings and thoughts may cause blockages in the chakras affecting the flow of life force energy which may result in illness. A practice such as Reiki can be beneficial to keep life force energy flowing optimally.

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