Ironically, my last Ggirl Tidbit had the same title. Sadly, I accidentally deleted it and have no record of it anywhere. Frustration can indeed be a catalyst for change, whether it be in terms of using safer office practices or in regards to forward movement in our personal lives. Frustration can be defined as the prevention of the progress, success, or fulfillment of something. How are you doing in this arena? Are you achieving your goals? If not, what is holding you back? Unhealthy relationships and a lack of emotional intelligence may be factors. Healthy relationships foster growth and fulfilment towards success rather than a downward spiral leading nowhere. Depression, anxiety, insomnia, and missed days focusing on your goals may be indicative of a need for change. Be honest with yourself, where are you falling short, and what steps can you take today to make a productive difference in your life? Earl Nightingale once shared with Bob Proctor that the first five or ten minutes of any day is probably going to dictate what your day is going to be like. So true. It’s common these days to pick up our phones when we wake up and disconnect from our inner selves. We need strong intention, clear thoughts, and keen focus. Let’s reduce frustration, create our experiences wisely and live our best lives.

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