I do not believe in coincidences. I used to, but my awareness has dramatically awakened in the last seven years. I have noted a lengthy series of synchronicities, each a part of the many building blocks of a steep, divinely guided spiritual evolution. There is always light if we are willing to look for it. We will be shown where we need to go next if we are to stay on our path. It is important that we keep moving forward, and not dwell in places that do not serve us for longer than necessary. 

We are all being guided. Some of us are blind to the sign posts that lead the way, sleepwalking through life. Open your senses and pay keen attention. Everything is connected, all events in divine order. We are created as magnificent beings with the potential for fulfilling, purposeful, magical lives. 

My mother passed away in February. I had the blessing of being at her bedside when her body died. I witnessed how the spirit animates the body as I watched it leave her body at the time of death. Shortly after, a beautiful kaleidoscope of colour filled the room from the crystal sun catcher hanging at her window. Never has it given off such pronounced rainbow light as within those minutes after she passed. I knew it was significant, remarkable actually. Not something to be ignored, but rather a comforting sign that her spirit had evolved and was moving on from the earth plane. The light brought beauty, joy, and a message to celebrate my mother's life. Of course I grieved for her. It is natural, but synchronicity has its way of weaving back in.

Within a couple of weeks of my mother's passing, a friend suggested I start a 40 day program related to A Course in Miracles.  I have had a minor interest in its teachings in the past, but this timing was heaven sent. I finished the 40 days. It was exactly what I needed to heal and keep on my path. I am now committed to doing the full 365 days of a Course in Miracles. I was told by someone dear to my heart today that I will become a Teacher of God, as are many who complete the Course. I replied "perhaps". Time will tell. Where are you being guided?

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