Healing. Ready. Set. Oh wow.

There are times in life when we are forced to heal. We have no choice. We do the work or we face dire consequences. Perhaps there has been a medical diagnosis that requires a change in lifestyle. Perhaps there has been a death in the family that must be grieved, and eventually the emotional pain subsides. Healing in this case being a natural progression. Other healings take conscious effort, such as removing the blocks in our lives that are holding us back from finding peace, or from living our soul purpose. Like many people, my personal healing has taken decades. Some of my healing has come naturally over time, with age. Other aspects of my healing has come with great effort, challenge, tears, and fear. I embodied Susan Jeffer's proclamation of "feel the fear and do it anyway", but it hasn't been easy.

Consciously choosing to heal can have it's pitfalls. Once you step into it, it can be compared to opening a can of worms, not what you expected at all. We have many layers of experiences, conditioning and memories that pop up to be addressed once we start doing the work. A steady stream of people will show up in your life to mirror to you the work that remains unfinished. It no longer remains easy to look outside of yourself, blaming others for your life or cranky mood. We start to understand that we do indeed create our own realities. Shifts in awareness are common when we are willing to do the work of healing. At times, we know we have to leave certain people behind if we are to become well. Healing involves many elements, such as forgiveness. This is truly difficult for some. Accepting change is also challenging. We hold onto the past and fear surrendering to the path that will align us with our souls.

Be brave. Healing has a myriad of benefits. Improved mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health can be yours. "Aha" moments are great, particularly when we can look back and see where the dots connected to bring us to our new healthier reality. What didn't make sense before, can now be pondered with new clarity. I don't believe that the act of healing is ever really done, however there does come a time when we are healed enough. Enough to enjoy life in a way that was foreign to us before, with gratitude.


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