We attract what we are. Like attracts like. Generally speaking, we cannot attract into our life that which we are not. If we are unaware of the vibration we are emitting, we only need to look around to observe who is showing up to mirror our current experience to us. Occasionally, we may allow a new person into our life that we may feel on a gut level is not aligned with our well being and goals. That person may in fact simply be showing us our own personality traits that need to be transcended in order to move into the lives we are struggling to manifest. This could be in the form of an addiction, lifestyle, behaviour or perhaps a negative attitude. Dr. Joe Dispenza refers to personality as “personal reality”. As such if we intuitively feel that someone is not a good match for us, they may in fact be highlighting an aspect of our own personal reality that needs to be changed or healed for our own highest good. I encourage you to pay attention to who you are attracting into your life for they are beacons, messengers to guide you in your evolution. 

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