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Do you recognize your soul? Are you living in harmony with your true nature? I have discovered that we can go long lengths of time denying our core self. This may come at a cost, but can be a valuable learning experience. It is easy to get drawn away from what syncs us with the universe, those areas of personal bliss. This morning I purposefully made my way to the local lake at sunrise to soak up the sunrise. It is early November in Ottawa, Canada. Many of the leaves have fallen. The beauty of the sun emerging in the midst of the cool air and the song of the water birds struck deep in the heart of me. It...

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2017. I NEED:

2017 is calling. What do you need? Forget about resolutions. Let's get down to the bare bones of it. What do you need to feel whole again, to live in peace and congruency with your true nature? Take some time before the new year to make a list. It doesn't matter if it is short or long, just meditate on what you NEED in 2017. What will it take to recharge your life? Some possibilities may include: More sleep Exercise More private time Improved diet More time with friends Reconnecting with a hobby you left behind when you lost yourself A new hobby Stop putting other people first. No, it is not selfish unless you have an infant/toddler, disabled family...

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Healing. Ready. Set. Oh wow.

There are times in life when we are forced to heal. We have no choice. We do the work or we face dire consequences. Perhaps there has been a medical diagnosis that requires a change in lifestyle. Perhaps there has been a death in the family that must be grieved, and eventually the emotional pain subsides. Healing in this case being a natural progression. Other healings take conscious effort, such as removing the blocks in our lives that are holding us back from finding peace, or from living our soul purpose. Like many people, my personal healing has taken decades. Some of my healing has come naturally over time, with age. Other aspects of my healing has come with great...

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