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We attract what we are. Like attracts like. Generally speaking, we cannot attract into our life that which we are not. If we are unaware of the vibration we are emitting, we only need to look around to observe who is showing up to mirror our current experience to us. Occasionally, we may allow a new person into our life that we may feel on a gut level is not aligned with our well being and goals. That person may in fact simply be showing us our own personality traits that need to be transcended in order to move into the lives we are struggling to manifest. This could be in the form of an addiction, lifestyle, behaviour or perhaps...

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Do you recognize your soul? Are you living in harmony with your true nature? I have discovered that we can go long lengths of time denying our core self. This may come at a cost, but can be a valuable learning experience. It is easy to get drawn away from what syncs us with the universe, those areas of personal bliss. This morning I purposefully made my way to the local lake at sunrise to soak up the sunrise. It is early November in Ottawa, Canada. Many of the leaves have fallen. The beauty of the sun emerging in the midst of the cool air and the song of the water birds struck deep in the heart of me. It...

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I do not believe in coincidences. I used to, but my awareness has dramatically awakened in the last seven years. I have noted a lengthy series of synchronicities, each a part of the many building blocks of a steep, divinely guided spiritual evolution. There is always light if we are willing to look for it. We will be shown where we need to go next if we are to stay on our path. It is important that we keep moving forward, and not dwell in places that do not serve us for longer than necessary.  We are all being guided. Some of us are blind to the sign posts that lead the way, sleepwalking through life. Open your senses and...

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