You can shift your future if you change your perspective.

How times change. A number of years ago, I had a beautiful clock on my dining room wall. Despite its beauty, I found the constant ticking of the seconds rather disturbing. The sound symbolized seconds of my life slipping away through my fingers. I made a conscious decision to do away with all of the clocks in my home. The only place I could view the time was on my microwave, my phone, or from my daughter's alarm clock in her room. For seven years I enjoyed the peace of being free from the sound of tick-tock, until...

Last evening I was shopping with my daughter. We came across a nice clock that I believed would compliment my kitchen. There was no battery in it at the store, so I was unaware that I was setting myself up for the return of the tick-tock sound once it was running. It is now up on the wall, looks great, and of course is making itself heard every second that passes. Initially I was irritated, but suddenly I had a revelation in thought that has inspired a shift in how I perceive it. What if I could use this ticking sound as an inspiration for productivity, to not be idle, and to get as much out of each day as possible? I now believe that I can use this as a tool, not to be in a constant race, but to be mindful of my time and spend it well.

Alas, as I write this I can hear my clock, no longer disturbing me, but rather nudging me forward, being aware of the moment, and what I want to come next. A change in perspective can be timely, to see things in a different way, and to support your personal evolution in a positive manner.

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