Strategic Nutrition  & Coaching Package

Strategic Nutrition & Coaching Package

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Ready for a fresh start? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? You are biochemically unique and would benefit from a personalized, targeted nutrition plan to restore your health. No more bandaid solutions. Let's get to the root cause of why you aren't feeling well. It is never too late to feel great!

Your nutrition strategy includes a report of findings based on the assessment, relevant information to support you such as handouts, a sample menu, and 4 sit-downs (in Ottawa, Canada) or phone calls with me, depending on where you live. Our first meeting will be fairly lengthy as we will be covering a great deal of nutrition information. The following week we will chat about your progress, and address any questions or challenges that you may have. Two more follow-ups, each 2 weeks apart will support you to keep you on track. Additional sessions are available at a pay as you go rate.


 I will email you the assessment forms to determine your personalized strategy. Let's get started!